Shyp Finally Launches Its Mobile Shipping Service In San Francisco.


Shyp Finally Launches Its Mobile Shipping Service In San Francisco.

Receiving packages can leave a person feeling quite good, especially after waiting days for the ordered package to arrive one of the worst things to do is to send or resend a package, consider how long it takes to in having to box up the package and then waiting in line for a long period of time at the local carrier to send the item.

First Mile.

A recently start up named Shyp, which is currently available for iTunes App store with services in San Francisco, is currently offering a mobile app that has been created to take care of the “first mile” in shipping process.

“We don’t want to be a middle man — we want to be compared to large shipping companies,” said Kevin Gibbon, co-founder and CEO of Shyp. “We want to be a competitor at that initial touchpoint, and be a trusted source.”

The company has just opened up its previously closed beta, which had taken place in San Francisco, according to TenCrunch. Shyp has managed to raise over $2.1 million in seed round, with the backing having included author and angel investor Tim Ferris during the previous late year.

Shyp Hero.

Once the download for the app has finished, users only need to take a photo of which ever item they are planning to ship and list down the destination they wish for it to end up. From there a “Shyp hero” will arrive at the door to pick up the packages and bring it to Shyp’s San Francisco packing facility. The company handles business with major carries and ships the packages with only a fee of $5 on top of the postage. Gibbon commented that the company adds any late or damaged packages are insured with up to $1,000.

Yup, shipping items can be a total drag, especially if its something really awkward and embarrassing. With only a personal fee of $5 for a pickup and shipping, Shyp can be really useful for people who cant even bother with sending the packages or return said packages in the traditional manner.


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