Shyp Makes Shipping And Ecommerce Easy


Shypp Makes Shipping And Ecommerce Easy

For the regular people who sell on Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy, shipping can be a hassle. Shypp, is a San Francisco based startup highly promoted and backed by Tim ferris, that makes your shipping needs easy. If your a person who hates packaging or hate driving to the post office at night, Shypp will solve all of these problems for you.



Shyp works as a mobile app where you take a picture of the item you want to ship, enter the destination location, and the most convenient pickup time for yourself and your finished! Shyp then will send one of their “Heroes” to your location, pick up the item, wrap it, and ship it for you. Shyp will help you ship your items internationally as well. Shyp charges no more than Post Office prices, plus a $5 pickup fee for sending solo items. If you send more than one item, the company waives the $5 pickup fee.

Shyp’s demo video:


How does Shyp make money?

Shyp doesn’t charge you anything above the post office price, so then you might ask how does the startup make money? Shypp uses a bulk format with high margin. Shyp matches USPS retail prices, but by taking a volume discount from carriers and utilizing regional couriers (that end-users cannot), Shyp can maintain high profit margins. Using OnTrac, as one example, is 75% cheaper than USPS. The startup’s last funding round was a 2.1 million dollar funding.

Shypp’s service is currently only available in San Francisco and you have to be invited in order to use their program. You can request an invite directly on their site here:

Shyp uses “heroes” to pick up your order. A Shyp Hero (driver) arrives at your home or office, safely takes your unpackaged item(s), professionally packages it off-site, and sends it on its way. You only pay the cost of the shipping (no more than Post Office prices) plus a $5 pickup fee. If you send 2 or more items, we waive the pickup fee entirely. Heroes work as independent contractors for the startup. Anyone can apply to become a hero and choose your own working hours. Heroes are required to have their own car, bike, or some form of transportation. According to their website the heroes do not accept tips.

I find myself being infectious about Shyp.

I start talking about it with my friends and family and they want to know more, they want to know how they can use it, how they can become involved with it. Instantly this new idea, this new app, this new service becomes a reality. I take a fresh idea and make these people feel like it should be the standard. I think that’s a huge part about being a Shyp Hero. It’s that we have this infectious passion and excitement about something we honestly dont know what it might become. All we have is this trust that it’s going to be something big and we want to be part of it. – Shyp hero Abby

Full interview can be found on her blog here:

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What CAN’T I Shyp?

As of now, Shyp will not send the following:

1. Alcoholic beverages
2. Firearms
3. Hazardous Materials
4. Tobacco products

Items prohibited by law as detailed by our partners:

In addition to the above requirements your item also must be less than 25lbs and no more than 28” x 20” x 18



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