SiliconPrime Partners Up With Yard Club For Their Mobile Development.


SiliconPrime Partners Up With Yard Club For Their Mobile Development.

A leading IT Service company specializing in mobile application development, SiliconPrime Technologies, has recently announced and official partnership agreement with Yard Club mobile development. As part of this deal, SiliconPrime shall support Yard Club in developing the mobile application for the iOS and Android Platforms.


With this new partnership  under wraps, SiliconPrime developers shall leverage the company’s cloud-based testing, performance, and monitoring solutions to ensure an optimal application performance across tablets and handsets.

“We are thankful to Yard Club for recognizing the skills, commitment and delivery excellence of SiliconPrime as we continue our journey,” said Suhail Abidi, CEO of SiliconPrime Technologies.

SiliconPrime Technologies is an Information Technology services company that leverages industry and funchtional expertise and leading technology practices. Based within Silicon Valley, the team is made up of some of the brightest minds of engineering and architectures from all over the world, who share a similar goal of delivering a high-end solution towards clients. SiliconPrime Is working with a lot companies ranging from startups in the valley of fortune 500 companies.

Colin Evran, CEO Yard Club said, “Yard Club is delighted to partner with SiliconPrime. We look forward to receive high level of professionalism and commitment in the services from SiliconPrime and its associates. Their extensive background in development and testing makes them an ideal partner for our business.”

Yard Club is a P2P Online Equipment rental service that allows contractors to rent heavy equipment towards fellow contractors during an idle time. Since its launching back in 2013, Yards has manage to gain the attention of major tech-industry investors. Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, a bit investor in Airbnb, former eBay executive Michael Dearing led the seed for the previous year.


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