A Simple Way To Keep an Eye On Your Business With MergePay.


A Simple Way To Keep an Eye On Your Business With MergePay.

Running a small business can be quite tough for most people. One of the most challenging things to deal with is having to keep track of the company’s money flow, receipt, and other various bookkeeping aspects. In order to help small business owners focus on what the can accomplish, with their service or product, and stressing over less about managing their finance, products like GoDaddy’s Outright and WorkingPoint were created.

A recent upcoming Thailand-based startup named MergePay has decided to enter the in the same line. The company know as MergePay Pulse, has launched a tool that will help businesses get better insights into their financial numbers.


The beta version was first launched back in 2012. MergePay wanted to be Mint for business users. Mine allowed users to connect with various financial services. with MergePay Pulse, it has been tied to over 12,000 banks and financial institutions worldwide, with heavy focus on the Southeast Asia area. The platform can also support over 100 different currencies. Users can easily and quickly track and manage their expenses, income, and recurring bills through using the web or mobile application. Furthermore, it can also pull in and categorize data from payment services such as Paypal and Stripe.

Expansion Goals.

This service can be used for free, but consumers can upgrade it to a $39 per month plan for better premium features like data exporting options and optical character recognition, which digitizes any receipt and bill with a simple click of a photo from the users mobile application; Mergepay has even grander plans for themselves. According to the company founder, Ian Borders, the platform has centered since its beginning launch.

“Since then we have completely rebuilt the product from the ground up, and it’s a fairly different product now. The current version went into beta in February of last year and we are launching it to the general public today. Pulse is just one of the products. We are working on other financial tools for businesses which fall under the MergePay brand.”

Mergpay has begun to beta test their product with over 1,000 businesses, with an amount of 630 active users on a weekly basis over the past year. Most of business can be located in, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and the US. Currently the southeast Asia is by far their most lucrative on the platform. MergePay is currently available for iOS devices.

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