Snappii Includes Cloud Storage and Data Sharing Functionality to its Mobile App.


Snappii Includes Cloud Storage and Data Sharing Functionality to its Mobile App.

Snappii, a mobile application company with over 40 industry and functional specific native apps in Apple and Google Play Stores today, announces network drive support for all data collected and managed by its apps. These apps are completely customizable and were built on the Snappii cloud-based mobility platform, the industry’s most powerful visual app creation platform.



The Snappii mobility platform enables the rapid design, creation, deployment, and management of business mobile apps with no coding required. Today, Snappii announced that it has added major feature enhancements, further differentiating its Apps and Mobility Platform from its competitors and providing its customers with expanded essential capabilities.

Now, Snappii users can build apps that save data to cloud drives such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and MS One Drive. This feature is indispensable when it comes to handling and storing great amounts of data. Snappii users are welcome to try the listed cloud drives to process and have easy access to their data. Data will be sent to the cloud where it will be safe and easy to access.

Snappii added major enhancements to its forms capabilities Share Report options, which allow Snappii app users to view PDF and excel reports inside the app, and have an ability to share, print, and email all saved forms.


Managing multiple saved forms within the app has also been enhanced. Now, Snappii users can add a sequence number and a timestamp to the file name, and allow their app users to choose format of report (PDF, XLSX, or both)

“We continue to lead the Mobile app market in innovation and strive to provide powerful and intuitive mobile solutions to our customers,” says John Murgo, Snappii President & CEO. Adding Cloud storage enables Snappii users to store and share critical data captured and managed by their apps, leveraging the market leaders in network drives. Our forms sharing abilities have been significantly improved, not to mention the reporting options. We really picked up the pace of development.”

Since 2010, the Snappii Mobility Platform has continuously been enhanced and improved, and now contains virtually all the functionality required to build any business mobile app. Snappii development continues adding new features and functionality as we hear from our growing list of industry specific customers. Snappii apps are native to iOS and Android, as well as HTML5, and are both tablet and smartphone specific.

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