Social App Bloxi Announces Launches A Connection Between Leaders And Users.


Social App Bloxi Announces Launches A Connection Between Leaders And Users.

Bloxi, The company that was founded in what many have begun to dub it as The Silicon Shire, arrives with a fresh, clean desgn to the usually cluttered industry of trivia, quizzes, and knowledge-sharing. user can create sharing Blocks, Which are images-based question designed to both provide new information and test participant knowledge.

“You have sites like Reddit, Buzzfeed and Twitter where people can gather or share information, but Bloxi allows anyone to showcase their skill-set and expertise with a competitive twist,” says Thomas Emmons, CEO and Co-founder. “You’re going to get points when people complete your Block, but you’re going to get even more traction when you create an exceptional Block. This gives both undiscovered and established leaders a level playing field to become industry influencers.”

The Features.

Bloxi’s image-focused layout allows for a much simpler user experience and the capability to quickly dash through or search fo categories that interest the user. After a considerable amount of user feedback, Bloxi will continue to release new features during this coming month, Including comments giving users a way to communicate with the creator of Bloxi and other players.

“The motivation behind Bloxi is to create a way for people to interact with one another and share their expertise, in a world where face to face interactions are decreasing,” says CTO and Co-founder Nate Bernstein. “We’re giving industry experts and undiscovered leaders a place to call home.”

Ember Inc, is a web development company based in Eugene, Oregon that provides a web solution to businesses and individuals alike. Ever since 2007, Ember Inc. has consistently developed innovative solutions for organization like the University of Oregon, Cenegage and a variety of others. Embere Inc. had recently launched their startup called Bloxi during March 2014. Emberex is currently a private company.

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