A Social Media App By The Name Of Turf Makes An Appearance.


A Social Media App By The Name Of Turf Makes An Appearance.

Recently A new social media app has recently appeared that is said to ring up some competition against other social media  platforms like Facebook. Turf is an easy to enter and community based network that will instantly provide members with the ability to connect with those around them, instead of having to deal with bloated business getting in the way.

The creator behind this little application is Colton sinning. He grew up with the boom of the social media and learned through observation on how powerful and meaningful social media could be. The local news and events where a worthy matter of attention and it created his philosophy in the way social networks should run.

This is when he decided thought up of the idea behind Turf, An application that locates the nearest people around you and easily lets you communicate with any of them. This application at the moment Is only available for the iOS, but will be coming to Android soon.

Turf doesn’t require a person to send friend request or create some sort of awkward introduction with random strangers. Users can Instead add anyone to their network for whichever area or turf they are currently in. Allowing the user to gain access to messages, posted events, and pictures by local users.

Sinnings was investments came from various friends and family member who believe in him. Enlisting the help of a developer and third-party GIS providers for areas that go as far as malls to college campuses, Big cities and small suburbia.

“There are turfs for practically any place in the U.S. or Canada,” he says. “We’ve got almost a million locations with specific boundaries on them.

Logging in to the your account makes turf automatically check into your current turf and present you with local posting. it is possible to read other turf message but only post that users are currently occupying.


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