SocialBlood Is The New Social Network For Blood Donors


SocialBlood Is The New Social Network For Blood Donors

SocialBlood, is a Silicon Valley based social network startup that allows blood donars to connect and locate each other through an app on their phone. Some of the app’s investors are Google India MD Rajan Anandan, Karthik Reddy of Blume Ventures, and Ravi Gururaj and Ramesh Shah from India.

SocialBlood Startup

Socialblood is building the largest network of blood donors, hospitals and Blood banks on the web. Some of the app’s features include in depth map locating of donors, hospitals and blood banks all around your current location. When an emergency occurs and an injured individual needs blood, people can locate blood donors nearby and request for help. This feature could be tweaked some more and eventually be used professionally in hospitals. The app estimates there to be around 800Million active blood donors. The database also shows the blood type. In the old days, a person in need of blood might need to spend hours to days before they can find the perfect match. With systems like this, things will be a lot more convenient in the future.

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The app allows you to earn badges for donating blood. Badges and rewards are not earned, they are bestowed upon. The community honors blood donors on Socialblood and reward them with more than cookies and juice. Think ice-creams,fine dining experiences and movie tickets. The startup is working towards creating experiences that you deserve. Don’t go out and start donating for free stuff, but if it is an emergency or you really want to commit to charity once in a while socialblood is the way to go!

The startup also works closely with hospitals and blood banks to keep their data organized. The startup provide solutions for Hospitals and Blood centres to move away from excel sheets and get online. Socialblood lets you judiciously manage your blood stock levelsand manage, reward and follow up with donors who choose your institution.

This is what a director of Facebook India said about SocialBlood:

“Socialblood is a great example of what’s possible with a big vision to change the world and relentless pursuit of the vision. This initiative helps solve a critical, real world problem by seeking solutions from the growing online community. Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. It’s humbling to see how Karthik and his team have used this power to share to transform how hospitals, blood banks and blood donors save lives. I wish Karthik and his team all the very best in accomplishing their mission.”

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