Songza Partners With The Weather Channel For Weather-Based Playlist


Songza Partners With The Weather Channel For Weather-Based Playlist

Songza the online music streaming service and the leading weather of the The Weather Company, Parent to the Weather Channel, have both recently announced a partnership between the two that leverage comprehensive data from The Weather Channel that will amplify Songza’s capability to deliver correct kind of music, based on the what the user is currently doing or in the mood for.

Furthermore to the day, time, device type, location, and past behavior, Songza will be utilizing the weather data that’s provided by The Weather Channel, to increase their prediction of the “context” or state of mind, the users is currently in and what kind of music will best fit to improve upon the moment.


Songaza entire philosophy is created around the belief that future contents should be less about how users find things, but more about how content finds the user based on their context. Additionally surfacing specific weather-related content which will accompany, for instance,strolling along a sunny day, watching the star lights, or watching the sunset, this partnership will allow Songza to better understand and accommodate subconscious changes to the routine of individuals  that are being driven by relative changes in temperature, precipitation and much more. .

“Songza’s mission is to be everyone’s personal music concierge,” said Elias Roman, co-founder and CEO of Songza. “That kind of premium experience requires being excellent at two things: expert human content curation and algorithmic, data-driven anticipation of users’ content needs, so customers don’t have to work to find the perfect thing. With new data provided by The Weather Channel, we can more accurately predict your context, helping you enjoy more sunsets and weather more storms.”

“The Weather Channel has the world’s most comprehensive database of real-time global weather conditions,” said Mike Finnerty, senior vice president of platform products and distribution at The Weather Company. “Using our data to make an emotional connection to Songza’s users by dynamically recommending playlists is a perfect example of partnering to innovate in a really compelling way.”

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