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Sonic Notify, The Proximity Media

Sonic Notify, is an all in one package to help retailers engage with their customers more by sending relevant data to shoppers while they are shopping. Sonic Notify’s platform makes it possible to engage in-store shoppers and augment their shopping visits. Create a unique digital experience: offer customer deals, product info, games, social sharing opportunities, and any other mobile companion content. Sonic Notify has a detailed analytic system that will help retailers optimize and engage with shoppers. The Sonic Notify platform even delivers second-screen companion content for Television, broadcasts, and live events.

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As explained in the above video, Sonic Notify uses a beacon system. This beacon system will connect with the customers smartphone and notify them when they come across a relevant offer. Another startup that offer this type of product is named “Shopkick”, however Sonic Notify claims that this is a much cheaper solution for retailers. Sonic Notify works on all smartphone platforms and claims to work on 95% of the smart phones with bluetooth off.

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A foundation of our enterprise-grade system is our robust and flexible CMS. The CMS allows for the creation of precise delivery parameters – everything a world-class retailer would need to maximize the performance of their in-store shopper digital dialogue. The CMS is hosted on Amazon AWS infrastructure with a proven throughput of thousands of concurrent connections per second. It has been designed and built precisely for retail’s challenging needs.
Sonic Notify beacons combine three technologies: Sonic Notify Audio, iBeacon, and Android BLE technology to reach 95% of smartphones. The range and options of the beacons’ coverage are configurable via our back end beacon management system. We also have an intuitive beacon mapping solution that makes it easy to configure and maintain the association of locations and product categories to specific beacons. We offer many form factors to fit the retailers’ needs, such as beacons with magnets and security bolts, and wide coverage AC models.
Android and iOS SDKs are available (with Windows on the way) for integration into existing retail apps. Our SDKs provide powerful features, including content caching, which provides shoppers with content even when there is limited network access, content display options that support all internet content, and geofence management. Our code also enables apps to trigger in the background for passive user engagement.
Big Data! The CMS collects thousands of data points from each device, beacon, and user action. The data can then be used to refine engagement performance, and to produce valuable insights to help you improve your business. Which content is most effective to what profiles? In which sections of the stores do customers dwell for longer periods? Two years of best practices and experience in proximity marketing for retail operations is infused into our product and services.
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