Speaker Maker Sonos Revamps Its Audio Controller App.


Speaker Maker Sonos Revamps Its Audio Controller App.

Sono has recently updated both its Android and iOS application to introduce new features to the company’s wireless music system. This new update will be made officially available near the end of April for both iOS and Android users, But the new features can be trailed on the Android version as of today as part of a beta testing program.

Technological Impovements.

The new update will change the current apps in both interface and technological prowess delivering a much stronger focus for accessing streaming music services, and additionally putting the foundation in place to launch out even more features sometime in the near future.

The application has had both its design and technology completely overhauled form its previous visuals with a new universal search allowing user to search up an artist or track across all of their music services rather then having to perform individual searches.

“We’ve made it easier to switch rooms and access music,” adds Rashid. “This is the start of a new platform. This update is about getting everything behind the scenes working ready for the future.”

the application will appear with a different navigational approach from its current look, breaking the music controls down into three main modules: Music that is currently playing, where the music is playing and finding the next song. Users will be able to locate their favorites on one side and access music services immediately on the other, rather then having to search them out.

The company has managed to gain a large amount of users during the last couple of months, and has taken the time to explain what their music services have to offer and approaching in a more inclusive manner rather then presenting themselves.


PC and Mac?

Sonos has been keeping quiet about the PC and Mac version of this software with only a comment of something being announced later this year. Which is far better news the what the Windows Phone user will have to live with. People have asked if a Windows phone app was on its way, but they were told by Sonos, “We’ve been considering it, but don’t have any further plans at the moment.”


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