Specialty Contractors Has Recently Acquired Ciao Telecom.


Specialty Contractors Has Recently Acquired Ciao Telecom.

Specialty Contractors has recently acquired Ciao Telecom, a Dallas-based global technology firm. This acquisition was totaled t be around 120 million shares of Specialty Contractors, common stock. Upon closing the deal  during this month, the company will be changing its name to Ciao Group Inc. Specialty Contractors company’s officers announced their resignation as well, and Eugenio and Victor Santos are both please to join Ciao Group Inc, as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately


Ciao Telecom Inc, is a technology company with telecommunications roots, was founded in Silicon Valley during 2011. Beginning as a telecommunications startup in Emeryville,CA. Ciao has managed to expand its products and presence around the world. Ciao Telecom operates under 3 business unites: Ciao Telecom, Ciao Technology, and CiaoZicom. With headquarters in Dallas TX, and offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, London, England, Dubai and Milan, Italy.

 Ciao’s main goals are to provoke and lead a global disruption of the current static telecom industry to a dynamic model that provides technology solutions for the coming convergence of communications and computing. As a technology company Ciao wants to innovate the immovable telecom sector.

In the 3 years since our founding Ciao’s revenues have grown 900 percent through both internal development, organic growth and acquisitions. Ciao anticipate strong future growth as they add businesses to their existing core and form partnerships with those companies that will enable the continued “build-out” of the innovative converged future that Ciao is positioning itself to participate in. Ciao’s clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Wal-Mart, Ford, Vale, Avon, Nestle, Pfizer and many more.


Ciao Telecom, Inc. which originally focused on Brazil and other Latin American markets, recently announced it would enter the U.S. mobile phone market with a $20-per-month unlimited talk, text and data plan. The mobile offering, subsidized through showing users advertisements on their phone’s lock screen, is the first mobile plan of its kind.

Ciao also plans to introduce an Internet Protocol TV service, streaming premium live channels through set-top boxes, later this year. Founder & COO Victor Santos, an Ex-Googler, is now spearheading the company’s strategy and vision, and he states that Ciao is more than just another telecom provider:

“We are challenging the norms of a monolithic industry by taking something that is commoditized and creating real value to the consumer through novel business models, exceptional customer care and innovative product technology with the user at its core.”

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