Spider.io Acquired By Google To Fight Ad Fraudulence.


Spider.io Acquired By Google To Fight Ad Fraudulence.

Google has recently claimed another startup company by the name of Spider.io, with this acquisition they hope to put up a fighting chance against frauds in online advertising. The company based is in London is specialized in ad fraud detection technology.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise with most, Google has been trying to prevent ad frauds for years now, place as much as investment as they could into it. This was mentioned in a special blog posted on Friday by Neal Mohan Google’s Display Advertising VP. The company had to turn down millions of application during the previous year, from sites who wanted to join its network, due to suspected fraudulent activity.

With Spider.io joining up with Google now, they shall immediately be put to work in using their fraud detection technology in all of Google’s video and ad display products, to reinforce existing efforts.

According to Spider.io website, they help prevent displaying advertisers from being defrauded by networks of hijacked PCs, phones and tablets that have generated over billions of fake ad views. Spider.io has researched on the currently two found types of display advertising fraud being committed by those using hijacked internet enabled devices.

Spider.io first search found that attackers have force hijacked devices to run fully automated browsers without the users of the device ever knowing. Those browsers are used to visit heavy ad-laden websites of the attackers choice and simulates mouse movements and continues to click ads.

The Second type that was found involved taking over the browsing session of the devices owner. When this happens, it could lead towards it changing into four different kinds of forms. The user of the device clicks could lead it towards any website of the hijackers choosing, and the owner of the device may also be shown unexpected pop-windows. Web pages may have contained  a hidden amount of pop up windows under the owners active browser windows, leading ads to be injected into web pages usually visited by the user.


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