Spotify Pulls Support for New Apps To Rework Its API.


Spotify Pulls Support for New Apps To Rework Its API.

Spotify has recently announced in a blog post today, that its third-party application program is ending in its current form.

The music service had launched its API back in 2011 allowing developers to create their own applications that used Spotify’ massive music library, such applications to take advantage of it where, musiXmatch, Tunewiki, SoundDrop and plenty of others.

“As of this week we will not be accepting any new submissions for Spotify apps for release in the App Finder,” wrote Spotify. Popular apps from, musiXmatch, Rolling Stone, Soundrop and Tunewiki will continue to run, but only recieve “critical” updates.

Becoming Cheaper.

The API’s amazing from a music services innovation perspective due to the fact that most startups do not have the luxury of signing up licensing deals with the majority of popular music labels, both being indie and mainstream. The only catch about this deal was that the application had to basically live within Spotify’s desktop client.

“Partners have been asking us for a cheaper and easier way to own a presence inside Spotify, and developers would like more ways to integrate Spotify with their own applications,” Spotify wrote in a blog post. “Pair that with the growing importance of mobile, and we realized we needed to adapt.”

Until Further Notice.

This coming week the company will effectively no longer adding any new applications to its App Finder directory, but will allow current applications to continue performing any critical updates on an a needed basis. Moving along, Spotify is launching out a brand new API with better support for web and mobile application, as well a the skills for developers to create their very own Spotify experience right within their own services.

“For existing app developers this will not mean any changes to your app. As long as your app is on API 1.x it will continue to be available in the Spotify desktop app,” the company said.

This current move is seen as a very logical choice, especially with current competitor committing a similar actions. Both Rdio and Beats Music have already begun to offer a much more flexible APIs.

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