Spotify Teams Up With Algoriddim For Next Generation of DJ Experience.


Spotify Teams Up With Algoriddim For Next Generation of DJ Experience.

Algoriddim and Spotify has recently announced a huge update on Djay for iPhone and iPad, the world’s best selling DJ application with over 10 million users for the iOS. This new version allows Spotify Premium subscribers mix millions of tracks utilizing their iPhone and iPad. as well as connecting their professional DJ equipment to a massive library of music.


Finding the correct track to mix has always been one of the biggest challenges DJ’s tend to face, and it doesn’t get any easier when they have over millions of tracks to choose from. Djay has decided to introduce Match, an innovative feature that recommends tracks that go well with what the DJ is currently playing, allowing the user of any any skill to create professional sounding mixes.

Match, which will be powered by Spotify’s recent acquisition The Echo Nest, provides unprecedented track recommendations based on the dance capability, BPM, key, Music style, and how well the songs mixes with the currently playing track.


For those who simply wish to relax and have a continuous music mix during their next party, the newly release Automix Radio in djay 2 will not only pick out tracks that complement each other, but also automatically mix these track for them with beatmatched, Dj-style transition. This means use can step away and enjoy live DJ mixes based on their personal musical taste. ALl with the simple push of a button.

“Having more than 20 million songs instantly at your fingertips is a DJ’s dream come true. It gives djay 2 users endless creative possibilities and elevates the artform of DJing to a new level,” says Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. “The power of The Echo Nest driving track selection brings a new tool to the DJ that I could not have ever imagined possible. It truly helps to discover, explore, and find great new music that sounds amazing together.”

“Not only can Spotify Premium users DJ millions of songs, but they’ll also enjoy real-time, intelligent suggestions on what to play next, powered by The Echo Nest’s analysis of all the music on Spotify,” says Sten Garmark, VP of Product at Spotify. “Djay 2 will help DJs and regular music enthusiasts, regardless of their skill level, select the perfect songs for their set – or simply lean back and let djay 2 turn any Spotify playlist into a slick DJ set for parties or private listening.”

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