Sqrrl Announces the Sqrrl App for Hunk to Power Data-Centric Security.


Sqrrl Announces the Sqrrl App for Hunk to Power Data-Centric Security.

Sqrrl Enterprise, the most flexible and secure NoSQL database, today announced the Sqrrl App for Hunk. This app helps users of Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores turn raw, unstructured data in Sqrrl Enterprise and Apache Accumulo into usable insights. Download the Hunk App for Sqrrl now on apps.splunk.com.


Using Hunk’s virtual indexing and result preview capabilities, users can see search query results as they are streamed back from the Sqrrl Enterprise server. Hunk includes time-series analytics, interactive search, and dashboard visualizations. With this new app, organizations can leverage the power of Hunk software to gain insights from massive datasets stored in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores, while leveraging the granular data-centric security and graph search capabilities of Sqrrl Enterprise.

“Sqrrl’s and Splunk’s joint customers in cybersecurity use cases are determined to protect their data against rapidly evolving security threats,” says Sqrrl CEO Mark Terenzoni. “By building this app, Hunk customers can use the familiar Hunk visual interface to search and query data in Sqrrl Enterprise.”

“The Sqrrl App for Hunk is an exciting addition for Splunk customers who now can use Sqrrl’s powerful graph search and data centric security capabilities directly in Hunk,” said Colin Savage, vice president of business development, Splunk. “The Sqrrl App for Hunk will help to add a new layer of context for correlation, which ultimately helps customers to deliver accessible and valuable insights from big data analytics across organizations.”

Download the Sqrrl App for Hunk now on app.Splunk.com.

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