Square Eases The Process of Gaining Capital For Small Business.


Square Eases The Process of Gaining Capital For Small Business.

Today Square has announced the launching of Square Capital, , a program that helps businesses grow by giving them access funding in a way that easy to grasp.


Independent businesses have been known to face high hurdles when trying to gain capital, often forced to spend times filling out all sorts of vast amount of paperwork and navigating through complicated application process. With Square Capital there is no application process, and businesses get their money as soon as the next business day. Business automatically pay Square as a set percentage of daily card sales, so they pay more when sales are strong and less if things slow down.

Square creates unique offers for business with the expectation that seller will complete their advance in approximately 10 months, although there is no set time frame. The cost to the seller never changes, regardless of how long it takes to pay.


During the pilot program, thousands of seller used Square Capital to purchases equipment and inventory, hire more employees, and include new stores, Many neighborhood businesses with access to alternative funding sources tend to chose Square Capital for its simple and quick process.

“We’re really grateful for Square Capital, which helped us add a sixth coffee shop location and expand our Roastery,” said New York-based Cafe Grumpy owner Caroline Bell. “We got our money quickly and the ease of automatic payments allowed us to focus our time and energy on serving great coffee to our customers. Square Capital helps keep independent businesses like ours running and growing.”

During a recent survey of over 1,000 Square Capital businesses, 85 percent stated that they are “extremely likely” to recommend the product to a friend. Square’s Capital pilot advanced over tens of million of dollars in capital to thousands of  businesses. Sellers actively running their business with Square may be able to participate in Square Capital, based on their processing volume and history. The first stop onto becoming an eligible for Square Capital is to download Square Register for either iOS or Android and begin running a business with Square today.


Square can offer capital towards a wide array of up coming companies with-growth potential, something that many financial institution do not do. Squares data allows a holistic and real-time understand of a business sales history, growth, and cash flow, and financial needs. With Square Capital businesses will sell a specific amount of their future card sales to Square and in return the seller will receive a lump sum payment.

Sellers are increasing turning towards Square as the engine to run their business Square recently included inventory management and offline mode to Square Register, and also launched Square Feedback and pickup, which allows customers to order items prior to arriving at a store.

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