Square’s Reveals Three New Features that Will Help Boost Business Productivity.


Square’s Reveals Three New Features that Will Help Boost Business Productivity.

As of today, Square has announced a three new way for sellers to drive more customers to their business and simplify their operations. Square Register is a powerful services that offers sellers of all sizes and simple, yet sophisticated technology for creating the best customer experiences and running their business.


Square shall now be giving its customer a quicker way to pre-order and pick up their purchases. The new pickup tool on Square Market integrates with Square Register and it available to all sellers at an industry leading 8% processing fee pre order. Like all Square tools, access and setup are free, and sellers receive payment the next business days.

Paying by smartphone has continued to soar and food and beverages are becoming the second most popular category among purchases made. Square is helping local business owners that match those trends and connect them with their fellow customers.

Sellers based in New York and San Francisco, from large, well-known establishments from local coffee shops and cafes, have already begun to utilize pickup.

  • In San Francisco, Souvla links to Square Market from their homepage and offer customers a great pickup experience. “We opened Souvla only three weeks ago and Square’s pickup has been an invaluable addition to our business. Countless regulars already order from our website on their phone or desktop. They can skip the line and have their order ready when they walk in the door,” said Charles Bililies from Souvla.
  • In February, Uniqlo offered Square’s pickup tool to customers looking to pre-order Valentine’s Day gifts and pick them up in store.
  • Customers at Bay Area Whole Foods Market stores pre-order sandwiches with Square’s pickup tool.

Offline Mode.

Offline Mode allows a seller to use Square mobile register, including accepting credit card payments, when temporarily without any sort of Internet connection. Square process payment gotten offline when a connection is reestablished, keeping a consistent experience of the purchaser and seller

Activewear company FlipBelt needed a solution on taking credit card payments at marathon expos and other fitness events with no connectivity.

“Most systems I looked at that could take payments offline were just credit card terminals they didn’t have the full point-of-sale functionality that Square Register does. One company that had what I needed quoted me nearly $20,000 for the system it’s amazing that Square offers Offline Mode in a free app,” said Vice President of Operations Erik Jeffries.

Inventory Tracking.

Becoming one of Square’s most requested feature, inventory tracking allow sellers a free way to their item stock when selling either in person or online. Sellers manage their inventory in their web dashboard, which includes setting up stock alerts so they are never down on their guards by things like low inventory.

“Every other system we researched was either too in-depth, too expensive, or didn’t have ‘on-the-go’ entry capabilities that our mobile business requires,” says Sara Droz of the mobile retail shop The Styleliner. “Square inventory has alleviated our time-consuming manual inventory burden without disturbing the seamless, easy checkout process through Square that our customers have come to expect and enjoy.”

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