Starbucks Introduces ‘Digital Tipping’ to iOS App.


Starbucks Introduces ‘Digital Tipping’ to iOS App.

Starbucks has a pretty strong presence on almost every corner street in America, Some streets even tend to have more then once Starbucks location within spitting distance of each other.

The coffee chain also seems to have a pretty strong presence on mobile devices as well. According to the company, more that 11% of all its weekly transaction are taken place from a users Starbucks app, Furthermore, About an estimated amount of 10 million customers are using the mobile app by adding money to their Starbucks card, paying their drinks through scanned barcodes at the point of purchase and checking the cost of drink they have to purchase before receiving a reward of a free beverage or a Starbucks Gold Statues.

The Tipping Point.

Now with the rejoice of many baristas who work at starbucks, nationwide, will certainly be happy with the new feature that been added to the application, users will now cover the most important task by using their mobile apps: tipping.

The update for the app will be scheduled for launch on March 19 and will bring a more refined user interface to Starbucks current sub-par app experince. Along with this update will be a more imporant feature know as “virtual tipping”. This will allow customers to select from three optional “tip tiers” when purchasing their drinks through the app. The tipping will be set to $0.50, $1, $2.

This tipping feature will only work for 7,000 of Starbucks location, with 11,000 currently existing in the United States, apparently the reason by this, is because those other Starbucks don’t have the fancy “scan to pay” features others seem to be enjoying.




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