IT Startup Bjond Secures $3.25 Million in Series A Financing.


IT Startup Bjond Secures $3.25 Million in Series A Financing.

Bjond Inc, a startup that’s in the business of developing care management software for providers and payors. Although the company isn’t necessarily searching to replace legacy care management systems that do not adequately support collaborative and preventive-focused population health management.

“We’re trying to produce something that sits on top and supercharges old care management systems that have mostly just captured structured data,” said Eric Rosemann, the company’s chief creative officer.


Bjond has recently secured a $3.25 million Series A from TriStar Technology Ventures, Hopen Life Science Ventures and Draper Triangle Ventures as its marches on towards commercialization of its very first offering, BjondHealth.

The software will be aimed towards drawing data from various sources, in order to identify patients in critical condition within a population, and then create and deliver a hyper-personalized care plan that helps those patient reach their health.

The software within contains a number of technologies designed to help both the patient and the healthcare providers comply with their tasks. For instance, a feature that estimates a payor or provider’s ROI for getting an the other users to complete a specific task, or an entire care plan.

Care Plan.

The care plans that were created by Bjond are thorough, designed and dynamic, and will self update in real-time, according to Rosemann. The software will be able to pull data from legacy care management systems, electronic health records, lab codes, and even a biometric device like FitBits and glucose meters.

“As opposed to just creating a care plan and giving people a series of tasks to perform, whenever someone is given a task, we give them all the resources that they need right then and there,” he said.

The way that the care plan will be delivered is also be personalized. Patients takes an interactive assessment in order to dictate whether they’d best be reached through the use of phone calls, text messaging, home visits, or by logging onto a web portal.

At the mean time, The company will begin with two small clients, one an insurer and the other an ACO, in order to get the implementation process down and any buggy issues worked out.

Bjond would be the third software startup created by CEO and co-founder David Blauer. His previous company, Click4care, developed a management automation software for payors and was acquired by health IT firm HealthEdge during 2012, Bjond currently has seven employees based in Boston, Columbus and New York.

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