Why Your Startup Must Create Vine Videos


Why Your Startup Must Create Vine Videos

Vine is one of the fastest growing social media video platforms. Vine allows users to create a short 6 second video of anything you want. The point of a 6 second Vine video is to force creativity out of your brand or product. There are a lot of people who become overnight celebrities with Vine, and there are also a lot of people who make a powerful living off advertising on Vine. Last year Vine announced that they reached 40 million users worldwide. That’s a huge market for any startup to dip into!

Creating Vine Videos

Advertisers are paying top notch money for Vine celebrities to run advertisements for their ads. A lady claims that she receives $20,000-$35,000 for each Vine video she makes for a top notch brand. For a simple 6 second video, that’s a steal! That also shows us how big of a market Vine actually is.

Another man from Florida claims that he almost dropped out of college because advertisers were paying him 50,000+ per Vine video. Vine is very engaging and the autoplay forces regular users to engage. A few years ago, everyone was talking about how you must have instagram and now Vine is a must have.

Creating Vine videos aren’t easy though. Creating an excellent video takes a lot of work. Some top companies actually have a marketing and video editing team dedicated to creating Vine videos. Your startup must be able to create a Vine video that gives the audience a special vibe. This could be the feeling of irony, adding humor, sadness, or just plain confusion. You want to be able to draw your audience’s attention in 6 powerful seconds. That should keep your customers engaged and they will want to know more about your startup afterwards.

Vine by default loops your video, so your customers will be able to rewatch the video even after they missed it. If your Vine video is interesting enough, then the viewer might continue rewatching the video to find out what exactly is the Vine video about.

Video Platforms

Video is the key to drawing attention from anyone. We have been seeing all the major social media platforms incorporating videos in their platform. For example Pinterest’s videos draw just as much attention as their picture. Instagram added a video feature that allows people to record 15 second videos. Twitter added a feature to make video embedding easier.

Why are all the social media giants so focused on video? Because it is engaging and marketers love it. People are likely to miss the meaning of a great photo but they won’t miss a great video.

Vine is the best video platform for content and social media marketing. It’s main competitor is Instagram’s video, but conversion rates on Vine are much higher and much more aggressive. The 6 second rule forces companies to create stunning and attractive videos. Also, most people on Vine replay the video at least 2 times before moving onto the next video. This simple graph compares Vine with Instagram.



Companies That Use Vine

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is known to create entertaining yet creative videos on Vine. Known for their stylish and sometimes quirky apparel, Urban Outfitters takes fifth place for best Vine account. With videos featuring new apparel, concerts, and competitions, this is one Vine account you can count on for being creative and entertaining. Check out this backpack video of their Vine promotion.


Yes this music startup giant creates Vine videos for their music updates and releases as well. With a huge round of funding, now the music startup has plenty of cash to put into creativity. Check out this promotion video that they have on Vine.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell created numerous award winning Vine videos. Supposedly, Taco Bell’s sales increased because people went to buy taco after watching the videos. It seems as if food videos can make people hungry! Imagine if people went and purchased your products after watching your videos.

Other companies that are using Vine include, Intel, Xbox, Dell, Nike, HP, Samsung, pretty much every company wants a piece of the pie. If your startup isn’t on Vine, then you are missing potential traction!

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