Why Your Startup Must Have A Youtube Demo


Why Your Startup Must Have A Youtube Demo

Many startups have excellent content, a fantastic product, great blog post and social media, but they lack a Youtube demo or a demo video in general. Most of the startups will agree that social media and Youtube is a big part of their success. Youtube videos spread like an ant farm one after another. Let’s take a look at some stats and reasons why your startup must have a youtube demo.

Youtube Stats

Before taking it any further let’s look at the stats reported at the end of 2013 by Youtube.

  • Number of videos viewed on YouTube everyday = 4,250,000,000
  • Number of unique visits to YouTube every month = 900,000,000
  • Total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month = 3.25 billion hours

Just these numbers alone should give anyone the “wow” factor. If you are not on Youtube that means according to the stats, you are missing out on hundreds of million potential customers, partners, revenue and most importantly exposure. The average amount of time spent on Youtube for an average person is approx. 2.8 hours per week. That might not sound like much, but if an average video on youtube is 5 minutes long, then that means they are watching 33 videos per week on average and your youtube demo can be easily apart of it.

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Related Videos

Of course if somebody never heard about your startup’s product, then they won’t just go on youtube and type your products name in the search box. This is where related videos and what to watch videos come into play. If you are viewing another startup’s youtube demo that is related to your youtube demo, chances are that your video will pop up on their sidebar of related videos. The related videos are sorted by tags, users, and how relevant your video is related to the current one. Youtube also randomly features videos that tailor your interest, so that will help you draw attention to people who already have an interest in your niche. The “what to watch” section appears on the user’s youtube homepage and shows related videos from their previous watched videos. Before writing this article, I asked a handful of people how often do they find random videos on the youtube homepage. 7 out of 10 of them say daily, and 9 out of 10 said they usually end up on Youtube for hours because the related videos keeps them entertained.

Here is a picture of related videos for Klout (social media startup). Notice how there are related videos based on Marketing and Social Media tips that has nothing to do with Klout, but it is related to their product’s tags.

youtube demo klout related videos



Usually when someone wants to learn more about your startup, they will hop on Google and hit the search button. If your startup isn’t well known but has a unique name, chances are that Google will return results in a regular Google search format. Nothing special to look at, but if you have a Youtube demo with your startup’s name on it, then Google will usually land it on the first page. A video thumbnail will appear in the search. A video thumbnail in the search is more attractive than a regular Google text/link result. To the human eyes, a video thumbnail in a search page is like a Call To Action button that makes you want to click on it. A lot of times people click on a Youtube video instead of the startup’s website because watching a video allows them to learn more about your product quickly. Youtube videos are extremely SEO friendly. Google usually ranks and crawls Youtube video much faster than a regular SEO friendly webpage.

Another search on Klout (Google)

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Even though a lot of people don’t agree, Youtube is a major social media. People can subscribe to you and view your updates. If people like your product or your videos, they will subscribe to your channel. Once they do that your new videos will pop up on their homepage and subscriber list. This is an excellent way to drive existing users to continue using your product and new users to try out your product. Nothing is better than hyping up a new update or showing a Youtube demo of a new update/feature for your product. You could also embed the youtube demo to your startup’s website. That will attract viewers as soon as they land on your page. As I mentioned above, people love to share and watch quick videos, so make it good and engage with your customers!

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Creating A Killer Youtube Demo

In my posts, I always talk about chances. I believe that sometime you only have one chance. If you can catch your viewers attention the very first time, chances are that they will come back for more or at the very least share or subscribe to your channel. That will generate more chances for you in the future. Every viewer is a potential customer and your competing with a billion other videos on youtube, so make your video good. A startup Youtube video doesn’t have to be long. Most top demo videos such as the MVP demo by Dropbox is only a couple minutes long, but it gets straight to the point.

A good startup Youtube demo should be:

  • Direct and straight to the point describing your product and how it brings value to your customers
  • Good quality, not low definition or out of sync audio videos
  • Your startup’s logo and a link in the description
  • Good and catchy introduction

Remember, most people either watch the first 30 seconds of a video or skip straight to the middle. Make it entertaining and cover only the necessary points of your startups.

Tools For Creating A Youtube Demo

There are many tools you could use to create your startup’s demo video, but successful startups usually either use a newscast format or a animation/screencast format. Both work and it depends on what you are most comfortable with. A newscast type of video will be more costly and will require more tools such as video editing, camera, studio, location, microphone and many more which can break your wallet. The alternative is doing a screencast. I’ve tested out a lot and all of them have their pros and cons. I’ve narrowed it down to either ScreenR or Camtasia . ScreenR is one of the easiest way to create awesome screencast all within your browser without the need of external softwares.

In addition to Youtube, you should be using other social media channels for your demo. Try creating an awesome 6 second Vine demo video to boost your exposure. Remember, every little thing counts and every little thing can drive potential customers.

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