Why Your Startup Needs A Full Stack Marketer


Why Your Startup Needs A Full Stack Marketer

We have all heard of the term full stack developer. If you are running a startup you or your co founder is probably the full stack developer of the team, but what is a full stack marketer and why does your startup need one early on? A full stack marketer wears all the marketing and communication hats and lives by the word “hustle”.

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Hustle Hustle Hustle

A full stack marketer is someone who can hustle and do the following:

  • Traditional Marketing (news articles, banners, calls)
  • Digital Marketing(ads, campaigns, social media ads)
  • Press release (create, revise, contact editors)
  • SEO
  • Sales (Account management, customer acquisition)
  • Copywriting
  • Design/Photoshop/Illustrator
  • A/B testing
  • Basic coding (HTML/css/Javascript

There’s much more to a full stack marketer than the task listed above. The reason your startup needs a full stack marketer is for the same reason you need a full stack developer. Startups are on a budget, therefore you must try to keep the recruiting and salary cost at the minimum. In order for your startup to reach the next level it must have exposure and it must have tractions. Venture capitalist like to see numbers and even if you have the biggest and brightest idea, your still competing with millions of other startup entrepreneurs. In order to do better than your competitor startups, you must have someone on your team that can promote and hustle in all ways.

While it is always best to hire people that specialize in certain fields, you still need someone to get your product out there so that you can get the funding necessary to hire more people. The best way to do this is to have a well rounded full stack marketer. Like Mark Cuban said, “Don’t hire an outside PR firm, always use in house” Your in house marketer needs to have a strong knowledge of all the marketing categories.

A typical day in the role of a full stack marketer might include setting up some basic A/B testing, then responding to customer service emails. After that he/she might be going out for lunch with an editor of a media company to update the media company on the startup’s upcoming events. The next minute, he/she might be editing a photoshop photo or submitting blog and promotion post for the startup. A full stack marketer doesn’t need to necessary be technical, but having strong technical knowledge helps in getting things done. Finding a talented full stack marketer is extremely crucial for early stage growth. They should be compensated well so that they can grow with the company and possibly becoming the future VP of marketing & sales.


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