Startup Quest Opens Up In Miami For Technological Entrepreneurs.


Startup Quest Opens Up In Miami For Technological Entrepreneurs.

Recently A training program has appeared in the Miami Florida, by the name of Startup Quest. This little program will be held in Broward County and will allow anyone to learn about the needs to know hows to be technological entrepreneurs or worker. This will lead to it establishing a second program that will introduce a workshop this coming Wednesday.

The Organizers have reported that over 130 participants will be allowed to attend this program.

The course takes up to 10 weeks to complete and shall begin on March 12th. The program is open only to those with college degrees who are as still unemployed or under-employed, or are considering to self-employ. Veterans shall be given a preference.

“Startup Quest is the entrepreneurial training experience of a lifetime for the participants,” said Mason Jackson, president of CareerSource Broward, the county’s employment agency.

The ones to participate will be working with skilled mentors to develop a commercialization plan for technology. With these newly acquired skills learned from the process, entrants are allowed to launch their own companies. Even if they wish not to launched a one, they can still leave the program more knowledgeable on the market as job hunters.


The site is currently accepting application for anyone interested in joining in. They will need to apply online at their websites, or arrive at the introductory workshop between 11:30 am to 5p.m. Wednesday located at the Global Grille Event Center.

Mike Levy, A new media entrepreneur, who has funded companies such as, but has of now become CBSSports, will be attending as a keynote speaker.



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