Startup Weekend Brings The Startup Scene Alive In Tokyo


Startup Weekend Brings The Startup Scene Alive In Tokyo

Tokyo was once the capital of entrepreneurship. Most of the brands that we use today came from Japan, but we haven’t been seeing a lot of action from the software/tech startup scene in Tokyo. Last week, March 14-46, Startup Weekend held it’s very first Startup For Tokyo Women Weekend. 85 women got together and formed 13 different groups to compete against each other for the best idea. Most of the women noted that they will be going back to their full time job after this weekend, but a few did promise to make further commitments for the startup community.

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Trycosme was the winner of Tokyo’s startup weekend. This is a startup that wants to allow office women to buy cosmetic products from vending machines. For those who aren’t familiar with Japan, you might be asking, “Why the heck would they do that?!” Vending machines are extremely popular in Japan. They sell more than just snacks. A lot of people purchase sushi, toys, and just about anything from vending machines. Trycosme’s goal is to target office workers.


Trycosme did mention that they will keep the product free if they ever launch. The people that will be using the cosmetic products will have to fill out a survey based on their likings and the data that they collect from the survey will be sold to cosmetic companies. In other words, the product is free but you have to give up some of your information, not bad!

At the end of the startup weekend, everyone was asked whether or not they enjoyed the event. Most of them all agreed that they enjoyed the event very much and would love to participate again next time.

A staff at the startup weekend mentioned that he wished he would see more of these events happen in Japan, but the fact is that Japan have a lot of business minded people and not enough software engineers. He hopes that in the near future, Japan’s software engineers will become more and more interested in entrepreneurship. When asked about what he thought about the current Japan startup scene, he replied saying “It’s growing!”

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