State Government Supports Startup Victoria with $100k.


State Government Supports Startup Victoria with $100k.

As of recently, its been announced that the Victorian government has recently to provide over AU$100,000 in financial funding for the launching of Startup Victoria, a nonprofit, member-based organization who’s main goal are to accelerate the state’s technology startup ‘ecosystem’, which include investors, technology hubs, government, legal business and services.


Gordon Rich-Philips, the Victorian Minister for Technology, has stated that the government is committed into helping develop a stronger ICT technology sector within the state.

“High technology startups have particular needs that distinguish them from many other businesses while also having capacity to make a major contribution to the economic and cultural life of our society,” he said.

“New technology companies have to deal with a wide range of issues, including sourcing venture capital, managing fast growth, risk/return ratios, decision-making, corporate and industry culture, product development, distribution and marketing.

“Startup Victoria will work with startup clusters across the state to bring together the people, networks and resources needed to help technology entrepreneurs handle these issues and position their ventures for sustainable growth.”

The group of individuals who are behind the creation of Startup Victoria, Scott Handsaker, Michelle Bourke, Leni Mayo, and Vijai Mani, are all also the same group of people that presented the Lean Startup Melbourne monthly event that focused on specific topics and featured high profile international and local speaker.

Riding through from the concept of monthly events, Startup Victoria will be hosting a number of events during 2014 including conferences and workshops in areas sch as fundraising, marketing, and customer acquisition and Hackathon events.

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