Stay Informed About Your Child With PreciouStatus.


Stay Informed About Your Child With PreciouStatus.

Have you ever wanted to keep track of your child while they stayed at a daycare center? instead of worrying and calling every second of the day hoping they are alright? There nothing wrong with worrying about your children and wanted to make sure they are safe. Now, with this recent startup has created and interesting application by the name of PreciouStatus. This little piece of software is something all worry-wort parents need to keep themselves updated with their kids status.

An example of how this piece of software works would be like this, A day-care worker can either write a notice or take a picture and send it to the users as a status updated on what and how there child is currently doing. By using PreciouStatus cloud computing, the parents will receive the status update on either their smartphone app or e-mail. With this piece of tech, Parents can know how their child’s mood, what they ate and what is currently happening with them, instantaneously.

“We send pictures to the parents, and it’s almost like them being here with their children,” said Jan Karrmann, who uses the PreciouStatus software in her Just Kidding Around Daycare and Preschool located in Minneapolis. “The parents want to hear from us every day.”

PreciouStatus was found and created in Minneapolis by a three-year-old startup by a women that goes under the name of Julie Gilbert Newrai, aged 43. She came up with that idea one day, after being frustrated with not being able to go to the daycare her children where in due to her busy work schedule, and her husband was hospitalized at the time. PreciouStatus is built upon basic technology, such as text messages or applications, with added security and a online storage.

“In early child care development, teachers are writing what the child did on pieces of paper,” Newrai said. “We eliminate paper.”

The application can also be used to keep a track of the child’s dietary and medications, plus it can create a timeline filled with photos. It will also allow for notification of any kind of emergency to reach all parents at once.

Every Since its establishment around 2011, Newrai manage to raise about $1.5 million in angel funding and venture capital. The funding help her spread her software to as many markets as she could find, to people who were ignorant of such programs existence. The software has also been modified to a elder-care program that has kept families informed and a tool for teachers to chat with parents for schools.


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