Stir Raises $1.5M For Kinetic Desk Startup From An ex-Apple Engineer.


Stir Raises $1.5M For Kinetic Desk Startup From An ex-Apple Engineer. 

Stir, the creator behind the Stir Kinect Desk, one of the world’s ever first learning height-adjustable desk, has recently managed to secured itself over $1.5 million in seed financial round.

Funding and expansion.

Leading this round was Tony Hsieh’s Vegas TechFund, and includes Genera Partner Zach Ware, serial Biomedical entrpreneur Josh Makower, Technology investor Richard Klien, angel and private equity investor John R. Woodard and several alumni from Apple, also joined in during this funding round.

This funding round will be used to expand the company’s sales operations and accelerate the development of technology due to the following successful launch of Stir Kinetic Desk, which has managed to sell out of its initial production run within weeks of being put up for sale. The Stir team includes those form IDEO, Apple, and Humanscale.

“Stir is one of those unique investment opportunities where the right team comes together at just the right time to lead a sea-change in a historically slow moving market,” said Jen McCabe of Vegas TechFund. “The Stir team’s passion, its exciting first product and its roadmap of technology for a responsive office environment make the company an exciting addition to our portfolio.”

Features and Success.

The Stir Kinetic Desk has a built-in touch screen feature that allows the user to simply transition between sitting and standing position with by only doing a double tap. with the use of thermal presence sensors, built-in touchscreen, activity tracking software and WiFi connection, the Stir Kinetic Desk can learn the users habits and adapt to their daily schedule to optimize productivity. The users will receive data on calories that have been burned, along with time spent standing and sitting plus more. All available thanks to the built-in screen.

“As an investor in CEO J.P. Labrosse’s last venture, I was impressed with his rare combination of vision, technical skills and teamwork, which helped lead that company to a highly successful exit. I believe he again has a winning concept, building the platform for an adaptive office environment,” said Richard Klein, a seed-stage technology investor and owner of Quixotic Systems, Inc.

The device had launched back during the late 2013, Stir is still currently taking orders for a second run of the Stir Kinetic Desk release, which is dated to ship out this spring. The Stir Kinetic Desk will sell for a price of $3,890. Customers can purchase at the company website.

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