The Story Of Leafly, Yelp of Weed


Leafly, Yelp Of Weed

You can think of Leafly as a cannabis dictionary. Leafly has reviews of different cannabis, news articles, mobile apps, dispensary locators, journal, and many more.  Just as there are foodies who read Yelp, there are stoners who consult Leafly, a cannabis database made up of more than 50,000 strain reviews and 20,000 dispensary reviews. Leafly provides a resource for 2.6 million visitors each month.


How did it all start?

Did Leafly start because there were a few random stoned guys who woke up one morning and said let’s start a cannabis review site? Nope not even close. Leafly was started by three former Kelly Blue Book employees. Leafly began as a side project in 2010, shortly after cofounder Scott Vickers received a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana to help with his insomnia. As a white-collar professional, he wanted to build a site for people like him. That meant no overt pot symbolism, no girls clad in bikinis, no flashing ads. Originally based in Newport Beach, California, he and his cofounders, Cy Scott and Brian Wansolich, met on weekends to design and build the site, eventually quitting their jobs at the end of 2011 to work full-time on Leafly.


Not long after, a private equity firm named Privateer Holdings acquired Leafly for an undisclosed amount. Before Privateer’s acquisition, Leafly had clocked about 15,000 marijuana strain reviews. Today, it boasts more than 50,000 from 80,000 registered users, bringing in $100,000 in revenue each month. With its new editorial site, the company hopes to see revenue light up, blooming to $1 million a month in the next year. Leafly’s Android and iOS apps are also seeing success, with 200,000 new iOS downloads a month and 5,000 Android installs each week.

With more and more laws being passed regarding the use of legal weed, it seems like we will be seeing more and more startups that will be apart of the weed category.



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