Stream Web For iOS Is A Gesture-Based App For Mobile Browsing.


Stream Web For iOS Is A Gesture-Based App For Mobile Browsing.

Chrome and Safari are decent enough Web browsers for the iOS. but the newly and recently released Stream Web may be one of the best browsers that has ever been created for the mobile platform.

The Stream web has been designed to specifically fit on mobile devices in general and iOS in especially is obvious to see. With its minimalist style and a gesture based interface, the application has come with impressive feature that make it very easy on the go full-screen browsing.

Fun Tabs.

Stream Web can be simply used with just the users thumb, with all the controls, from simply entering a Web link to rearranging tabs, available from the bottom access bar.

Continuing on with tabs, the application supports an unlimited amount of open tabs made available. Another noticeable thing is its dual browsing support, effectively enabling the user to browse two sites at the same time. Activating the dual browsing only needs a simple tap and hold on a link, then select the dual browsing option when the menu pops up. The screen will then be horizontally split to accommodate the the two sites.

Social Connection.

Another interesting component of Stream Web is its eponymous stream feature, which has been integrated with Forves Magazine”s Newstand application. This feature will allow everything the user share or saves to be added into their You Stream to be revisited again in the future. This will also allow for visual sharing, which users can cut out anything on the screen and share it through various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Evernote, Pinterest, Email, and text. Stream Web also features the ubiquitous pull-to-refresh mechanism and read-later support throughPocket.

The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running the iOS 7.0 or later, Stream Web is currently available in the App Store for free.

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