Stripe Allows Users To Manage Multiple Accounts


Stripe Allows Users To Manage Multiple Accounts


Stripe one of the fastest payment processing companies based in San Francisco has just released a new feature that allows users to manage multiple accounts. This is extremely handy for those who manage more than one account for different businesses on a daily basis. Before this feature, you would need to create multiple Stripe accounts with different email address. Now, Stripe allows you to manage all your payments under one dashboard. To make things even easier, Stripe allows you to merge your existing Stripe accounts by inviting them and putting them all under one dashboard. Stripe also implemented a team invite feature, which allows you to invite existing stripe users to your team.

Hopefully this makes managing multiple accounts less annoying. We have lots more de-annoying planned for 2014.-Alex Sexton – Stripe

Check out Stripe’s full article here :

stripe add account

stripe dashboard


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