Student Service Startup Uni2 Secures £50K Fund From Midven Venture Capital.


Student Service Startup Uni2 Secures £50K Fund From Midven Venture Capital.

A lifestyle business that encompasses every part of a university student’s experience, Uni2, has recently secured financial funding from the venture capital firm known as Midven and private investors.


As well as publishing Uni2 Know magazine containing news, views and advice for students, Uni2 operate a student discount card, events and excursions, and lettings for the student market, which also incorporates cleaning and cooking services.

The investment, made through Midven’s Early Advantage fund, enabled Uni2 to open an office in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and will support the roll out of the Uni2 application, further developing the company’s reach throughout the West Midlands and beyond. Midven’s Aanisah Begg stated that the UK student market has huge potential, with over 2.7 million higher education students with an annual spend of more than £15.5 billion.


Uni2 is a driving force for the student market, providing quality services and products to students. With unparalleled access to UK students, Uni2 has developed a portfolio of complementary brands comprising of:

  •     Uni2 Know – a popular, controversial, sexy and innovative publication produced by students for students.
  •     Uni2 Rent – a student letting agency offering competitive management services to landlords and providing students with a revolutionary approach to student lets. Via ‘Mum On Call,’ the service offers contents insurance, cleaning services, and cooked meals delivered to their door.
  •     Uni2 Study – providing full concierge service to overseas students studying in the UK.
  •     Uni2 Party – an exciting and highly-experienced events company, organising and hosting weekly events and party destinations throughout Europe.

The director of behind Uni2, Simon Jacobs, commented that the company’s management team has a solid background in the educational sector and were strongly connected to their core audience.

Jacobs stated, “In addition to the venture capital backing, Midven also brings advice and experience to help us grow the organisation to the next level. We have already undertaken a number of changes as a result of this relationship and have a clear vision of where we want to get to, how we’re going to get there and we now have the funding in place to be able to do so.”

Aanisah Begg of Midven stated: “Uni2 has a young and passionate management team, which is very attuned to its core student audience, and they are operating in an exciting and growing sector with a great deal of untapped potential.”

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