STYLEMATIC Wild Event, Shall Introduce a Stylish App.


STYLEMATIC Wild Event, Shall Introduce a Stylish App.

STYLEMATIC one of the hottest startup fashion techs around has recently announced they will be hold on fashion show and launch party. The even is supposed to introduce an entertaining and highly addictive mobile application that will advice the user in various recommended styles and immediately complement the user preferences. the application supplements the users to provide a international sources of perspectives for personalizing the recommended fashions.

The event party by STYLEMATIC and fashion show will have key features from The North Face Founder, Hap Klopp, iFabbo international fashion and beauty blogger organization founder, Sinead, Norenius, plus and assortment of designers and much more. Co-founder of the One World Children’s Fund,Patricia “Savitri” Burnbank will be guest starring at the event, while the fashion show will be produced and hosted by Nkech, Founder of The Emeruwa Music Foundation. This event serves up a very stylish entertainment with a room show filled with local designers, Red carpet photos, swag, and music by DJ Blaus.

“I am inspired by beauty and constantly strive to capture it. Although the quest to be beautiful could easily be misconstrued as vanity, I believe that expression of one’s truest essence is a very uplifting and positive experience. There’s something delightful about discovering a beautiful dress or handbag in the store and making it your own by wearing it. I created STYLEMATIC to provide users with a fun supportive environment for seeking fashion advice and expressing their own personal style”, shares Karen Song, CEO and founder of STYLEMATIC.

The event shall be held during February 18, 201 4 at Broadway Studios on 435 Broadway St. in the North Beach district of San Francisco at 7:00 p.m. If you wish to attend please follow the link provided to buy a ticket.


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