Surf Air Expands Even Further Towards Las Vegas, Party Zone!


Surf Air Expands Even Further Towards Las Vegas.

Surf Air a recent startup that has managed to become the nations first all you can fly private membership airline, has decide to announce today,  that its services will be expanding to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, during the beginning of March 21. At the moment they are still awaiting the approval of the government, and with said approval will also be expanding towards, Truckee, California around May 2. These destinations are very well know important places, and will be used as way for Surf Air’s network to offer and increase the value placed in the member ship.

A Word From Sudhin Shahani

“This expansion provides access for our members to two destinations that are in very high demand,” said Sudhin Shahani, Executive Chairman of Surf Air. “Las Vegas is a hub of business and leisure and will be our first destination outside of California, while Truckee, minutes from the shores of Lake Tahoe, is a prime vacation getaway, particularly for our Northern California members. We are constantly working to provide accessibility and flexibility in travel opportunities to our members and we could not be more thrilled to add these two destinations to our portfolio.”

Location and Services.

Surf Air will have weekend services towards Las Vegas McCarran International Airport from the Burbank and Hawthorne Airport locations in Los Angeles. All connected flights will be made available for members who wish to travel back and forth from San Carlos Airport in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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