Swig Media Chooses Vidillion as Advertising Platform for Swig4k STB.


Swig Media Chooses Vidillion as Advertising Platform for Swig4k STB.

SwigMedia, a pioneer in video distribution systems headed by its Founder and CEO Ivan Gulas, selects Vidillion for its advertising platform as it launches the Swig4k set-top boxes for ultra-high definition televisions. SwigMedia and Vidillion have been partners in content distribution through Swig Global Television Network’s efforts to permeate the worldwide market while minimizing content delivery costs using its disruptive technology.


Vidillion has established its name as a pioneer in precisely-targeted online advertising distribution, having built the world’s largest video ad marketplace through its proprietary technology service, VidTizer. SwigMedia has chosen Vidillion as its advertising platform as it creates a set-top box specific for 4k, or ultra-high definition, televisions. “Given our global focus, Vidillion’s proprietary patent pending software, which allows precisely targeted ads based on device, profile, geography, language and their individualized ads per viewer, provides the ability to maximize ad revenue per country. This is a major plus for our content provider partners globally,” says Gulas, a serial entrepreneur and named as one of the “25 players who are reinventing entertainment in Hollywood”’.

SwigMedia has expressed its desire to compete in the international content distribution market and using Vidillion as its advertising arm will cement this position. According to Dennis Nugent, Vidillion Founder and COO, “VidTizer uses our patent-pending technology to precisely target ads, verify ad delivery, deliver to any internet-connected device, and prevent viewer overexposure. VidTizer also easily supports over 50 languages, making it ideal for the global reach of Swig4k STBs.”

Nugent adds, “The Swig4k STB system aims not only to make content delivery more effective in terms of costs and resources but also to make it easier for content owners such as small- and medium-sized studios to get their content online. This will help offer more video choices for the viewers using ultra-high definition TVs.”


These STBs are made by leading OEM/ODM manufacturers in China, Geniatech. Geniatech specializes in providing an open android-based hardware and software platform for OTT android boxes with an embedded digital TV tuner in it, video capturing devices and video converter devices. The company also partnered with SwigMedia to create the Swig4k STB hardware, focusing on the processors inside to make it work with codecs and putting the SwigMedia backend system in the boxes. In strategic partnership with Geniatech and Amlogic, whose semiconductor solutions continue to revolutionize the performance of Android IP/OTT products, Swig4k STBs can optimize set-top solutions to cover digital satellite, cable and terrestrial models specific for the emerging 4k market.

The Swig4k will feature a wide array of content such as that coming from Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. It will also include Pursuit Channel, which is a Vidillion partner in content delivery. Swig4k is the ‘first to market’ STB to combine leading edge hardware, software and complete ‘end-to-end’ solution, including Vidillion and Pay Per View monetization options to content distributors, networks, studios and Telco. Swig4k powered by SwigStream™ seamlessly integrates all tasks and functions to offer uncompromising quality and significant market competitive advantages, including 4K streaming at an unprecedented 6.0 Mbps, which is within the range available to average households in the US, UK and other countries internationally.

Swig4k is set to debut in the 2014 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) at the Geniatech booth (5 Hall A41a) in Amsterdam this September 12-16.

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