Table8 Allows Diners Get Into Popular Restaurants.


Table8 Allows Diners Get Into Popular Restaurants.

The reservation platform that offers patrons access to the most popular restaurants, on the best night, enabling spontaneity, Table8 as recently announced that it has now become available within San Francisco.


Table8 delivers access to a curated selections of some of the best restaurants in a city. Table8 was created to give people access to these restaurant, on their own terms and their own schedules. This will also includes local restaurants, out-of-town guests, corporate diners, and anyone who makes plans while on the move, while in real-time, rather having to wait for week and months advance.

“We created Table8 to democratize the restaurant reservation system. If you want to eat somewhere new and hot, you should be able to do so without making plans weeks or months in advance,” said Pete Goettner, Table8’s co-founder and CEO. “Table8 is for the ‘now generation’ of people who expect to operate in real time, all the time. They don’t always plan ahead, yet they desire to eat at San Francisco’s most fabulous restaurants. We believe they should be able to.”

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Extra Revenue.

Table8 also highly benefits both diners and restaurants. Diners pay a fee to reserve a table, giving the restaurants access towards a new way to earn more revenue stream and monetizing a couple of tables per night in a in a fantastic new way. Once everything all set and one, revenue will allow restaurants to make decision like acquiring additional chefs or purchasing expensive pieces of equipment, for example.

Table8 will work in this manner for diners:

  • Download Table8 to your iOS or Android device, or access it using the Table8 website.
  • Browse from a selection of reservations at the hottest restaurants in a given city (San Francisco at launch).
  • All Table8 reservations are primetime slots — Thursday through Saturday, from 6:30-8:30pm. If a reservation is available on Table8, you can be assured it’s not available anywhere else, like OpenTable, or via direct booking with the restaurant.
  • Simply choose your reservation, then agree to the fee to confirm it.
  • At launch, reservations in San Francisco will be available for parties of two and four. The reservation fee, which varies depending on demand and table availability, is shared between the restaurant and Table8.

“With Table8 we sell access, not excess,” said Santosh Jayaram, Table8’s co-founder. “The restaurants on Table8 truly set the standard for food, service and ambiance, which makes them extremely hard to get into, especially at the last minute. Table8 is the only reservation system that gets people into these restaurants on the fly. Table8 benefits customers and its restaurants by giving restaurants a revenue share that supports growth and scale. Because Table8 is a highly curated set of the hottest destinations in a given city, restaurant owners have already been reaching out to us to be included in the service.”

During its launch, Table8 will becoming available for the following San Francisco Restaurants: Aziza, Acquerello, Boulevard, Central Kitchen, Farallon, Fluer De Lys, Hard Water, La Folie, Roka Akor, Slanted Door, Spruce and Waterbar.

Future potential market places for Table8 will include, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and New York. Table8 is available through either the Web or dowloadable for both iOS and Android devices.


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