TakeLesson Acquires BetterFly To Grow Their Online Lessons


TakeLesson Acquires BetterFly To Grow Their Online Lessons

Early morning, TakeLesson announced that they acquired Betterfly, an online live lesson platform. Takelesson, is an online platform that connects students from all over the world with quality teachers online. Betterfly is the ultimate online platform for learning a new skill. TakeLessons as the world’s most comprehensive in-person and online lesson facilitator, serving over 500,000 students and teachers located in over 4,000 cities nationwide.


TakeLesson has been expanding it’s lessons. Originally, the company focus on music and arts, but recently have been expanding over to fitness lessons and adding more music lessons. The company has goals to expand even further and their plan started with acquiring Betterfly.

Betterfly has over hundreds of experts and teaching with a strong rating system. Below are some of Betterfly’s features:

  • Experienced and Qualified Professionals

    We make it easy to browse hundreds of online and local teachers in your area. From Juilliard-trained dancers to world-famous guitarists, they’re all here to help you reach your goal.

  • Convenience

    From finding the right teacher to payments and scheduling, it all happens online so you can spend more time learning and reaching your goal.

  • Online Sessions

    Whether you want to learn from a world-class expert 1,000 miles away or prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home, our Betterfly LIVE online teaching platform is available anywhere you can bring your laptop.

  • Organization

    Forget about misplacing paper handouts. Your teachers can share learning materials and feedback with you electronically so it’s all accessible anytime from anywhere.

  • Customer Service

    We pride ourselves on your success and we’re here to make sure you meet your goal. We’ve got you covered for everything from session cancellations to special requests.

“Our acquisition of Betterfly enables TakeLessons to better serve an expanded user base of teachers and students, with complementary areas of instruction and the addition of an online lesson platform,” said TakeLessons CEO Steven Cox. “Our goal at TakeLessons is to help providers make a better living doing what they love, and to inspire people by giving them the opportunity to learn from the best teachers in their field, regardless of location. Using TakeLessons, a consumer can now learn through a local instructor in over 4,000 cities across America, or pull out their mobile device and take a lesson online over lunch break. This acquisition ultimately enables TakeLessons to expand our reach, while making it simple for consumers to find their perfect instructor.”




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