TakeLesson: The Education That Never Stops.


TakeLesson: The Education That Never Stops.

The San Diego-based startup TakeLessons is one of the nation leading online marketplace who connect students of all ages with quality, qualified teachers, has recently celebrated the opening of their new offices during the night at the hear of Down Town San Diego.

Office Space.

Located at 255 Broadway, this brand offices features a space of few to little walls, and not a single personal office, which will serve as a reminder of the team to communicate, collaborate, and share their ideas freely. TakeLesson had also commissioned local artist in designed their creative entryway. “We wanted to have a home where our employees felt they could grow and perform creatively at a high level – a place that attracts genuinely smart, driven people who want to change the world,” said CEO of TakeLessons, Steven Cox.

Thriving Celebrations.

The launch party for the opening of the new offices was attended by various TakeLessons employees, along with investores and community leader, who celebrated the increasing booming success of TakeLesson, as well as the current growth of Downtown’s thriving technology community. This has brought TakeLesson even closer to the thriving startup hub that is Downtown San Diego, allowing them to play a bigger role in the upcoming national tech scene.
Steven Cox CEO of Takelesson is quite passionate about living and creating a tech company in San Deigo, and is currently working with other members in the community in order to increase awareness of the city’s talented dedication innovator and entrepreneurs.

“San Diego has been good to TakeLessons, and we can’t imagine doing business anywhere else. That’s why we’ve chosen to invest in our surrounding community, and deepen our roots here,” said Steven Cox. “With a phenomenal pool of talent to draw upon, a supportive community of civic, business, and political leaders, and the best living environment in the world, there’s simply no better place to call ‘home.”


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