Target Accelerator Program Finally Launches Off For India Startups.


Target Accelerator Program Finally Launches Off For India Startups.

Target has recently decided to launch an Accelerator Program for Indian startups so as to construct more technological solutions for mobility, 3D imaging, social media’s that will allow them to be closer and converse with customers and a personalized search.

The launch Target had planned was suppose to go off a while back, but unfortunately for them they had a massive delay due to security breach in their systems, which lead towards a large number of 40 million customers, personal data to be compromised.

Various sources have started that with this new accelerator, beside the fact that it will give Target a chance to have a foot into the Indian start talents, allowing them to discover the next big online retail idea. It will also act as a test case for plans of other corporate venture that are similar to them in the country.

Lalit Ahuja is the man who will be managing the accelerator after helping Target setup its technological captive center in Bangalore a couple of years back. It was thank to his influence and skills that they have trusted him with such position.

Currently the only five companies that have been chosen to join the four-month program are, Konotor, which offers applications that helps a company that allows them to have a two communication with mobile users. Unbxd, creators of a dashboard that helps keep track of merchandising and keys in on searches, customer traffic, and conversions. InstaClique, this startup allows any retailer such as Target, capture website click rates and increase engagement with customers. And Finally Turnaround Innovision, this startup helps with the usage of 3D modeling and a 360 degree view of any product that can be found on any online retail or other merchant sites.



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