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TeamStory, founded by Kevin Kim, is a social network for Entrepreneurs. TeamStory in a way is similar to Instagram, except it is aimed towards Entrepreneurs who want to share and discover their projects. Kevin Kim struggled to find a startup community that could satisfy him, therefore he decided to build a community aimed towards startups and Entrepreneurs through a mobile app. The startup is based in Canada, and currently is open for beta testing. Over 250 people have signed up for the beta testing.



Capture And Share

Similar to the Instagram function, you can capture moments and share them in a social newsfeed. With this feature you can capture any moment at any given time and share it with your peers.

Discover Moments

There’s more to a startup than a TechCrunch article. Meet other startups and entrepreneurs who are fighting through the good, the bad, and the ugly. No matter what the tale, these are the moments you’ll never forget. Show the world what you’re really about. Similar to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, in TeamStory you have the ability to surf around the discover tab and find like minded projects that are happening around you.

In app store

Just starting off? Crazy hackathons? Ping Pong tournaments? Team workouts? Whatever your team’s specialty, show off your fun side! Collect Activity Points to redeem huge discounts on awesome startup products on Perk Store.


Built with community in mind

We know how hard and lonely this path can be. That’s why we’re building a global community of entrepreneurs and startups to share and help discover each other on this crazy ride. We are all in this together. This is our Teamstory.

One thing to note is that this company has plenty of competition. There are a lot of entrepreneur communities out there from forums such as OpenForum to our EntrepreneurSky Forum. Kevin says that the “communities are scattered” and his goal is to bring a crowded community together all in one place with mobile technology.

Check out TeamStory’s website here:


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