Tech Startup Looken Launches Its Online Deals Engine App.


Tech Startup Looken Launches Its Online Deals Engine App.

Looken has recently announced its newest application feature, an online deal engine that offers a real-time marketplace that is controlled by the users, connecting the consumers with deals that are happening now.

Looken offers a service, allowing the user to try the service out before the purchase the subscriptions. When the user sees an increase in the customers count, revenue and repeat customers, there will be an available option to subscribe to the premium service. This plan offers a set of number and offers up to 75 per month, not included in the basic.


Their application features a cost-effective way for businesses to promote their deals online. Looken can be easily be launched on the a desktop or mobile device. Deals that are happening in real-tine can be founded during moments notice. Currently, consumers have the power to be in the know and receive amazing Looken deals as soon as they have occur. Once more, business wont’ have to deal with the consumers having to wait for coupons in their mail. While utilizing these features, merchants can entice customer make purchases when business is  beginning to slow down by posting a Looken deal.

Looken technology executive have done some massive research, in order to discover what kind of feature both customers and merchants want in an applications. Their new features allow users to up-sell impulsive purchasers by posting real-time promotions. Looken applications help get customers in the door, allowing the staff to up-sell the products.

“Looken is the ultimate restaurant solution, putting merchants in the driver seat, controlling customer flow, on demand business, consumer impulse decisions all at a fraction of the cost of competitor products. Looken will set the standard for restaurant deals, offers and happenings, mutually benefiting both retailer and consumer” – according to Wesley Eder of Looken


At the moment, it’s been estimated that over 40 million online users utilize online coupons for purchases. Looken will acquire a huge piece of this market share with their business model. Anyone who’s utilizing this application will notice that its quite simple and convenient to use on a mobile device or desktop. For instance, a merchant has a wind dinner with 20 seats open, the merchant can use Looken to enter the wine dinner information, with limited spots available, the customer sees there are 5 remained spots available, and through the power of social media, chats his Looken friends who redeem the remaining spots.

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