Tell A Tale With The New Steller Storytelling App.


Tell A Tale With The New Steller Storytelling App.

Steller is a recently release application by the developers of Mombo labs as a free storytelling software. It allows the users to create photos and video stories with a great emphasis for design. It was previously still in beta testing for several months before it’s launch to the Apple App Store today. It has been made available for New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and North America.

“Everything out there was Web first and mobile second,” notes Karen Poole, who designed Steller with her brother, Brian McAniff. “We wanted to create an app that was specifically designed for mobile, enabling real­-time, authentic, and on-­the-­go storytelling.”

Creating Stories.

Steller can be used to easily create visual stories that come in the form of a magazine, by combining various photos, videos, and texts found on you respective iOS device. Its also possible to create a collection of stories that you have found interesting from other various storytellers. These stories can also be shared through stellar own network with out the necessary use of  other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Steller’s key features:

  • Authoring: Design and publish stories with photos, videos and text
  • Sharing: Share stories via social networks, email, sms, blog or website
  • Viewing: Flip through stories in Steller’s magazine-like format
  • Discovery: Find featured users, stories + collections to follow
  • Collections: Create collections of your stories that others can follow (i.e., recipes, adventures)
  • Curation: Republish stories into collections to save them and share with others
  • Following: Follow all of a user’s collections or just the specific collections you like
  • Drafts/Edits: Save stories as drafts and edit previously published stories

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