Tengrade Announces a System to Share Ratings Directly on Social Media.


Tengrade Announces a System to Share Ratings Directly on Social Media.

Poised to become the single source of opinions on everything, Tengrade announced today the rollout of a new socially-optimized rating tool designed to help people share and compare Real Ratings™ about the things that move them without ever leaving Facebook or Twitter. Created as a platform for authentic ratings on anything, Tengrade uses Startag™ technology that allows users to rate any topic right on the social networks they use most.


Since June 2013, Tengrade has raised nearly one million dollars in seed capital. The new rating system enables users to get Real Ratings from friends and people like them on any topic in the world. To do so in a tweet or status update users simply follow any hashtag with a Startag (a star followed by a number from 0-10). The Startag system utilizes Tengrade’s rating scale, representing a full spectrum of opinions from hate (*0) to love (*10), such as: #AmyAdams *10, #JustinBieber *0.

Tengrade users can also request ratings on any topic by including a star followed by a question mark, such as: #WorldCup2014 *?. Tengrade replies to inquiries on Facebook or Twitter with customized ratings from that particular user’s friends, gender, and age group:

#WorldCup2014: The World – 8.7; My Friends – 10; My Gender – 8.6; My Age Group -9.0.

“We developed the Startag system to be the fastest and easiest way for people to get useful opinions on whatever interests them, from movies to restaurants to political issues to the day’s weather – all without leaving the social networks they already use to communicate with their friends,” said Ted Werth, Tengrade’s CEO and co-founder. “You just follow any hashtag with a Startag.”

To use Tengrade’s Startag system, users must create a Tengrade account at http://www.tengrade.com. Once individual users connect their Facebook or Twitter account to Tengrade, they are able to rate and get ratings without ever leaving Facebook or Twitter.

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