Tesco to Launch Its Own Smartphone and Hudl Tablet 2 By the End of the Year.


Tesco to Launch Its Own Smartphone and Hudl Tablet 2 By the End of the Year.

Invigorated by its relatively successful tablet entry for the very first time, British retailer Tesco has recently announced that it would seek out in launching another Android device. Although, this time around it will be aiming for the much coveted and much crowded smartphone market and its plans to do so before the end of this year.

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It may have been hearten by the fact that its 7-inch Hudl tablet had manage to sell over 550,000 units, which isn’t really that bad considering the it was released from a name that’s normally not associated with mobile device. Or it could have been urged after the recent news that surrounding the possible release of an Amazon Smartphone. Regardless of their sudden increasing interest, Tesco plans to join in on the smartphone battlefield, and shall be using Android as their main operating system.

Tesco has decided to aim for loftier goals this time. Unlike the Hudl, which can be categorized as more or a mid-tier budget tablet, Tesco’s smartphone has been claimed to have specs that are comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S5. If rumors are to be true, even the supposed launching by the end of this year, it will be handling some decent hardware. Of course that’s only if it successfully manages to reach its planned schedule, which is highly unlikely to happen.


It’s been said to even match the Galaxy S5 in terms of software. Tesco shall be pre-loading its applications and service onto the smartphone, This might not be all that bad as the retailer working on the smartphone application will allow purchasers to scan and pay for their goods directly, allowing them to skip the checkout lines.

During this moment in time, the Tesco smartphone still has plenty of mysteries left unsolved, including its price. Part of the appeal for Hudl was that it came with a 119 GBP price tag, around $201 for the States. Given Tesco’s ambition for its smartphone, it might be asking for an even higher price. Tesco has also planned to do a follow up on its tablet, dubbed the Hudl 2. Details on this are currently nonexistent, but its been slated to be completely revealed by September.

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