Three Ways To Outsource Your Startup To China


Three Ways To Outsource Your Startup To China

Hiring employees can be a pain for up and coming startups. Not only is it hard to seek permanent talent, but it can also be ground breaking on the company’s wallet. A lot of startups like Coinbase source their work out to remote workers. While it is always best to have in house employees, remote workers can get the job done. China is one of the best way to outsource your startup’s projects to. Chinese people are hard workers, talented, low cost and over deliver. Let’s go over a few things that you could outsource to China.

1. Manufacturing

If you are a product based startup that needs anything from custom hardware to merchandise, you can have it made in China. Notable startups such as Square source does all of their manufacturing in China. Most of the time it is much cheaper to get your product developed in China rather than in your native country. Wholesale prices are extremely negotiable. The cons about manufacturing in China is that quality control seems to be a problem. If you just hand over your orders and drawings to a factory chances are it is not going to come out the way you want it. Doing a quick search on Google should bring you up tons of horror stories. The best way to fix this would be to either hire someone on foot to maintain quality control for your startup’s product or hire a quality control agent. Nevertheless, most successful companies and startups all source from China.

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2. Virtual Assistant

A full time virtual assistant or English fluent remote tech support cost around 500-800$ per month for a 6 day 10 hour work week in China. That is extremely cheap for the quality of work you get. Most of the time, they are extremely professional and can speak fluent English. If you have a lot of data entry or email filtering, a virtual assistant in China can help your startup save time and money. These assistants can also help you attend local events to help with building your connection in the China startup scene.

3. Coding

If you are a non coder or have not put together a technical team yet, you can search China for temporary coders. If you are still trying to build your MVP for your startup, outsourcing your project’s work to China might be a good choice. Most of the developers that work remotely in China are people who graduated from college in a small town. After their graduation, most of them do not want to expand and leave their native city. A lot of these post grads use freelance platforms such as Elance and Odesk to find work. Living cost is low for these remote developers, so projects usually do not cost too much. A custom app depending on how complex it is should cost nomore than 1,500$USD. The coders provide high quality of work in a quick timeframe.




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