Tim Hawkins Raises $6.5 Million For Social and Emotional Learning.


Tim Hawkins Raises $6.5 Million For Social and Emotional Learning.

Tim Hawkins is a very well know veteran of the game industry, and has recently managed to raise over $6.5 million of venture capital funding for the latest startup created by him, named If You Can Company. They focus on educational games aimed towards children.

Of Goals and Funding.

The firm has established itself in London with a team of developers, who have already managed to release their first game for the iPad sometime early this week. The game is called IF… and is aim toward children of young age in hopes of teaching them social and emotional skills through playing.

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The VC firm by the name of Greylock Partners where the ones to lead the Series A funding. Their past investments have been big technological companies such as, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. They have also lane their hands on other gaming firms like, WildTangent, SGN, and Kongregate.

A Bit of History With Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins Previously found gaming publishing giant Electronic Arts back in 1982. This lead to him launching a console creator named 3DO and another publishing firm named Digital Chocolate for mobile games. Digital Chocolate current boss of the studio, Ilkka Paananen, has gone on to establish Supercell, who have gained over $892 Million from the sale of just two games in 2013, and are now current one of the the top global mobile gaming companies.

The Reasons Behind IF…

IF… Has taken the same concept of today console gaming, and implemented them into the game that will hopfully set the standatds for Social and Emotional Learning, or SEL for short, with the goal in teaching children on how to manage their moods, healthy interactions with their fellow people, and how to face the difficult life changing events.

“Almost every school-aged kid plays games and research shows that playing video games opens the learning centres in children’s brains,” said Hawkins in a statement.

“We have brought together some of the most successful video game creators in history with national experts in SEL to harness this potential and use a game to teach children life skills to thrive both in school and out of school.”

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