What Time Of The Day Are You Most Productive?


What Time Of The Day Are You Most Productive?

Startup entrepreneurs tend to work 15+ hours a day, but there are certain times of the day where you are more productive than other times. Entrepreneurs work hard regardless if it is morning or night time. Some entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss recalls that the most productive time of his day is between 11pm-4am. That is the time where he feel the most productive.

1 Hour After Waking Up

Most of the entrepreneurs that I know feel the most productive one hour after waking up. The ones that feel the most productive 1 hour after waking up would usually tell you that it takes them about 1 hour to break through the sluggishness. I find 1 hour after waking up to be the most productive time myself as well. I would usually need to get a cup of coffee and check through the latest news/email on my phone before actually rolling towards my computer.

I met a bunch of senior programming engineers at a hotel last week. This was 6AM in the morning, and they were all up drinking coffee and reading the paper. They said that they will be coding nonstop for a few hours after they finish their cup of coffee. When I ask them why, they replied saying that this is their most productive time of the day and they can put all of their ideas from the previous night into action today.


What Happens After The Productive Hours?

This happens to everyone. Feeling lazy after productive hours is extremely common. Usually this occurs after a slight break. For example you might feel extremely lazy when returning to your work desk after a 45 minute lunch break. Entrepreneurs can’t be lazy! We must keep moving. I find that one of the better ways to maintain your productivity even after the productivity hours is to read an inspiring article/blog about something related to your work.

Use this article to gain motivation and inspiration that will continue to move you forward. The key to being more productive after your productive hours is gaining motivation. If you’re not a solo founder/one man army, then you could try brainstorming ideas with your partner to build motivation.

Another way that a lot of entrepreneurs recommend, is to have a powerful cardio intensive exercise. Sweat it all out and clear your mind. If your mind is focused on exercising and focus on having fun, then you should have fully cleared your mind by the time you head back to work. I’ve also notice that a lot of people like to perform yoga in the early morning during the 1st hour to help them boost their productivity throughout the day.

Don’t sleep in too late

Did you know that your brain functions 80% better when your running on 7 hours of sleep as oppose to 9 hours of sleep? I personally feel very tired and unproductive throughout the entire day if I sleep more than 7 hours. If I sleep less than 7, I feel sluggish, but that usually wears off after the 1 hour and a cup of coffee/tea.

Find Your Own Productive Time

To locate your own personal productive time, you should be looking for a time where you feel like you can keep working for hours straight without getting distracted and feeling tired. Your productivity hours should be highly adjustable. Once you’re able to figure out this time zone, you should not be changing it too often.

When choosing your productivity time, your surroundings are extremely important. For example, if you wake up at 7am and feel that the most productive time for you is between 8am-11am, you must ensure that there will be no distractions within that time frame. It might be considered a bad time frame if your kids are waking up at that time and cause a lot of distractions.

After determining your time frame, you should determine a work space. If your a startup entrepreneur that loves to code, being at your home office might be your comfort zone. Some writers write better when they are in a coffee shop. The whole point is to locate that work zone where you could go on for a couple hours per day without being distracted.

Lastly, cell phones and social media are considered one of the biggest distractions for entrepreneurs. Most designers and coders tend to turn off their cell phones and close all the social media related internet tabs on their browser. It is very important that you get as much work accomplish during these productive hours.

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