Tinder Brings Tender Lovin To Sochi Olympics.


Tinder Brings Tender Lovin To Sochi Olympics

In recent news, Tinder has reported that is has gotten a huge usage of its app during the Sochi Olympic Games. The app has been repeatedly downloaded and used by the young and hopeful athletes of the Olympics to find people they can be with during their time there. Can you really blame them tho? with the stressful environment and being closed out from the outside world, plus the constant training they had to go through during the years to prepare for the Olympic games, Its no wonder they would enjoy using an app like Tinder to find some lovin.

The founder of the application has said that his company reported its internal statistics to him with suggestion that atheles, or a number of mixed volunteers, fans, and athletes are the ones using the application to find someone close to them. The number has steadily been rising since the beginning of the Sochi Games.

The Increasing number for Tinder has Reached over 400% in usage since the athletes in Sochi have been using it since the opening day of the Olympics on Friday. “We didn’t have a lot of activity in Sochi before the Olympics,” he said. In the last week, though, the host city became “one of those areas for us that have great penetration and usage.”

Tinder was released sometime around 2012, it allowed people to connect with anyone near their current area. The users information such as age name and photos etc, would appear on another users phone screen. In this manner the application would play matchmaker with both users and if they like what they see, the two users can communicate with each other through a chat window. Weather it leads to some sort of relationship will be up to the two users from there on out.




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