Tinitell Presents Wearable Mobile Phone with GPS Tracker On Kickstarter.


Tinitell Presents Wearable Mobile Phone with GPS Tracker On Kickstarter.

A Swedish-based mobile technology startup by the name of TiniTell, has recently entered the market with a wearable mobile phone. The project for this piece of fine technology is currently going live on Kickstarter.


Parents are usually extremely reluctant on giving their children overly expensive smartphones, but many still tend to purchase them anyway, out a sheer obligation of staying connected with them while their out and about. Founder and inventor of Tinitell, Mats Horn, had taken it upon himself to create a wearable and well-designed wristphone for children along with GPS positioning

“We’re not trying to create the most advanced mobile phone in the world. We wanted Tinitell to be super-small, light, highly durable, radiation safe and most of all — easy to operate for our youngest. And at the same time offer parents some well-deserved peace of mind,” says Mats Horn, founder and CEO of Tinitell.


Tinitell is operated with either a click of a button or through the use of voice recognition. The more advanced features are simple and easy to utilize through the accompanying Tinitell smartphone application for parents, which can also be used to ge0-locate either one or several children.

“Wearable technology is here to stay, but few big name companies have chosen to target kids and their parents. With Tinitell, we have created a wearable mobile phone with GPS-locator capabilities. The early market response has been incredible and many parents have told us that this is a type of product they have been looking for,” says Mats Horn.

Titenill comes in a variety of colors and has been priced for retail at a total of $179, but with the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the pricer begins at $99. The design was created by a team of Scandinavian Industrial designers, and is also made to appeal towards both adults who seek a basic wristphone for hardcore out door activities.

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