Tips For Content Marketing Like A Beast


Tips For Content Marketing Like A Beast

It can be a headache on how to reach out to your target audience when bringing in a new product into the market for your startup. Traditionally, people would send out flyers, go ring on door bells, make a billion cold calls, and send out a trillion cold emails. There’s a better and a new way of doing this. This way is much more effective and reaches out to the correct audience. This strategy is called Content Marketing. Content marketing has been proven to drive ROI greater than 500% and it’s not rocket science.

Content Marketing

The traditional way of marketing is called outbound marketing which includes all the tedious and hard work described above. The new way that leverages technology is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing covers a wide range of topics from content marketing, to social media, to A/B testing and many more. In this article we will focus a bit on content marketing because in my opinion it is the most important and gives you the highest return of investment.

Content marketing is creating excellent content that drives customers to your website so that they will convert and refer their friends to your product. So why not just use Google Ads or something like that to drive customers to your site? Let’s step back a little bit and go through the steps of how content marketing works.

1. Customer reads about your product.

2. Customer falls in love with your product

3. Customer goes to your site and feels even more excited about your product.

4. Customer purchases your product.

5. The customer is happy and tells their friend about your product.

Sounds simple right? Not really.

content marketing


The whole point of having solid content marketing skills for your startup is because it can develop the early stage trust between you and your customers. For example, if you were out to shop for a pair of running shoe and you randomly stumbled upon an unknown brand shoe that looks decent, would you buy it? Chances are you will not especially if it is online. The first thing you might do if you really like the design of the shoe might be to read the reviews or do some Google search related to the product. How come you didn’t purchase the product right away? Because the company haven’t built a trust between you and them yet. Reviews are suppose to give you a bit more insight on the product so that you can trust the product more.

A good way to build trust is with testimonials, reviews, and content. The most important goal of content marketing is so that you can develop this trust with the customer.

The reason why content marketing is so powerful is because the people that are reading your article already shows interest in your product. They are at your website or blog because they have interest and want to know more. Rather than randomly spamming ads on google praying to target a specific group, the audience that is coming to your site is already interested in your product.

Creating Content

The second step for content marketing like a beast is to create the content. The best way to approach this would be using a blog on your startup’s website. Most startups install blogs onto their site because it is the part of the website that people will go to when seeking for more information about your products. You would want to create content that is so tempting and eye catching that the customer will convert right away. This might take some copywriting skills, but overall it should not be too complicated if you know your product in and out.

Your content should not be short, it should not be off topic, and it should not express any personal feelings. Content should not be short because we want enough description so that the reader understands your product just as well as you do. Content should not be off topic because you want to keep your customer on target with your product. Lastly, you should not express any personal feelings because the last thing a customer wants to hear is a company talking about how good their own product is. Using previous customer testimonial is best.

When creating excellent content you have to describe your product correctly and most importantly tell them why they should click on the buy button now. In other words, what value does your product bring to your customers? What makes your product stand out? Does it offer returns and warranty? Make sure you target the stuff that customers want to hear.

For example, if you are selling a software that helps real estate agent find more leads, you have to first determine what is the current problem that real estate agents are having with their current softwares. Why should the real estate agents give up a software that they are familiar with to switch over to your software? This should be included in the content marketing, and I suggest that you include it within the first few lines of your article. The reason is because most people only skim through the first paragraph of any article and will decide whether to continue reading or clicking that back button on their browser. You could talk about how it will help them generate 200% more real leads instead of tedious cold calling.

If you are selling a physical product, then pictures are extremely crucial in content marketing. What’s the first thing you glance on when you enter a site? A pile of words or pictures? Make sure you create excellent and eye catching pictures that will make the reader want to continue reading your article.

content marketing


Seo might not be as powerful as it was two years ago, but one thing that blog post still do is bring value through SEO. If you write great content that has a lot of deep linking (social media shares, backlinks etc.), google will rank your post higher. This brings value to your product because instead of seeing a bunch of polluted results when typing your product name into Google, now your blog post will be on top and people will read about your product.

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Pushing Out Your Content

Now that you have planned out your content, created a killer blog post, it is time to let the world know about your content. Of course, you could write excellent content and wait for SEO to pick it up, which might take months. Instead of waiting, let’s get moving! Let’s do it. The first place to push out any content is through social media. This is the easiest yet most straight forward way to reach out to your audience.

Make sure you push out your content to all social media channels including Pinterest and Instagram and of course the main channels such as Twitter and Facebook. For twitter it is always best to attract the correct audience. Just posting a link up won’t work, make sure you use the correct hashtags that relate to your product. For facebook make sure you insert a link and have a good picture that readers can rely on. Here’s a pic from Hubspot:

content marketing and planning

The next step to content marketing is by reaching out to those who is already apart of your niche. For example, if you are selling a real estate software, you want to reach out directly to the influencers of that niche. Instead of spamming every real estate agent’s email box, try reaching out to the real estate bloggers. Email them with a brief introduction about how your software is solving real estate problems, then include a link to your article. The whole point of this is to catch and draw their attention. The blogger shows interest, clicks on your link, reads more, enjoys it, purchases the product, then tell all his/her real estate friends about your product through their blog. That helps you reach out to a bigger audience within your market size.

Additional Content Marketing Tips

Creating a content marketing like a beast requires planning. If you’re stuck, try to read up a little bit on Copywriting. It is an essential skill that is needed to creating a compiling content page. QuickSprout has an excellent copywriting course that is free. In addition to just soaking up content marketing information try to notice your own personal habits. Go onto a company’s site that you like and read through their post. What’s the most eye catching thing on the post? What draws your attention? Take use of powerful call to action buttons. Use that to brainstorm more strategy and plan things out accordingly. Hope all these tips will help you content market like a beast!

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